Hair Heroes - Jan. - Feb. 2012

A lot of you guys know that I have loooooooong hair, but I seldom treat it with salon products and such. My friends always tease me about my long hair just laying flat against my back with no style at all. My always-bored-looking hair. Finally, I decided to give it some love because it has grown very long now since I am not cutting it because the fiancee love it like that. 

So here are my current hair heroes that I have been using for months now. 

Watsons Extra Shine Treatment Wax - For best results, I smother my hair and put a headcap on while I have my body scrub. Oh yeah, that's the way I pamper! And after several minutes when I wash my hair, it leave me this ultra soft and smooth hair after. Seriously, my fingers literally glide and tangles are very minimal I can hardly feel them!

Watsons Volumizing Treatment Wax - Among the two, this is the one I love. I love the smell and how it volumize my fine, limp hair. 

CHI Shine Infusion Hair Shine spray - For definite hold, I love my CHI! It is lightweight and not that strong smelling. Just enough to have it for everyday styling.

CHI Straight Guard smoothing styling cream - This styling cream is the bomb. My fine, tangled hair leaves off a beautiful shine with this. I also use this whenever I forget to put conditioner in my hair.

Scünci jaw clip - Don't you just hate it when there's no available elastics around the house? Thank God for jaw clips! Remember my hair is very fine so any clip can sink in their teeth nicely and hold it up the way I want it to be!



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