Glory of Love gave you a visa! (US Visa Short Story)

This is just a short story of my experience. Maybe most of you must have read this already in my Facebook account. I just want to share my experience with the American consul. This is my current status update too so read on dumpling!

I am approved to enter United States, wohoo! Thanks for all who prayed!!! I am so blessed to have prayerful people around me. Hugs and kisses. I can't wait to meet you all in US! :) God indeed provided everything, including new bubbly friends I made at the US embassy, employees and applicants! :)

Read on for my funny conversation with the consul.

Firstly, I solemnly swore in front of him. He was a fully-bearded American by the way. But he was bubbly like me too! Perfect.

Consul: What is your name?
Me: Gift Princess Quillopa Goden
Consul: Gift Princess? (insert chuckle here) I haven't heard that before! (Chuckle again)
Me: Now you know and hear it now! (series of laugh between me and him & the people behind him, lol)
Consul: Well there's a first time for everything!
Consul: How did you two meet?
Me: We met at Facebook. Online.
Consul: Did someone introduce you two together or was it just spontaneous?
Me: I added him first at Facebook and we became friends, blah blah blah and the rest is history.
(Then he started giggling because I said blah blah blah. So unprofessional I know! I wonder why I said that lol)
--------------MORE SERIOUS QUESTIONS------------------ (he kept asking me if I was in the States cos I was fluent and then he asked me again if I really grew up here in the Philippines, he really need to make sure lol.)
Consul: Can I see some photos please.
(I handed 57 pictures to him, yeah that many, I also forgot hundreds of Andrew's letter at home, too bad! Hehe)
Consul: What is this? (Points to picture of Andrew kneeling, he has no idea Andrew was proposing!)
Me: That's when my fiance was proposing onstage in front of 800 people. Can you believe that? It was in our summer camp. We are Baptists and we have inter-church family camp every year. He went onstage and sang "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera.
Consul: (GIGGLING MUCH. Still shuffling and looking at my pics!)
Me: And at the end of the song, he knelt down and gave me the ring! (I was so excited at this point, my voice was practically booming loud and people were gathering behind the consul :P Even my newfound friend at the far end of the waiting area heard my voice. LOL. So embarrassing and funny!)
Consul: Glory of Love? Are you kidding me? (He's thinking its so mushy and cheesy. HAHA)
(Consul adjust his seat and microphone.)
Consul: Well Glory of Love gave you a VISA! Please sit down and wait for your number to appear again.
Me: THANK YOU! (sort of speechless)
Consul: Welcome!
Me: (Walks away from the window smiling and people were looking at me like crazy because I was a loud person. Hahaha.)

Now, I am going to sleep as my head is still reeling while writing this and give a testimony at prayer meeting also. I am also hungry, I only drank a cup of coffee this morning at 3:30 am. :D THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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