"Falling Stars" Nail Art Tutorial

Hello guys, this tutorial is for a one tone glitter gold gradient I came up with. Usually, gradients have light backgrounds or bases so I kinda deviated a bit by doing a black background. I like the contrast with the gold making it classic and elegant. 

Gradient nail arts are one of my favorite nail arts around simply because they don't chip easily and will last you a weeks, very artsy and attractive and it beats the usual ordinary nail tips we do (i.e. French tips). 

I call this art as "Falling Stars" because they give you the illusion of showering stars against the blackest black evening. This is the nighttime version and I posted a daylight version below. 

All of the products used are very affordable (drugstore) so feel free to use any of your polishes in the same color.


1. Paint your nails black. Glossy or matte works fine but I suggest glossy because it will be the top coat too and it covers the glitters very well later on.

Sweet Cherry Magic Black nail polish (P15.75) available at SM Cubao dept. store

2. Apply a rough doesn't-need-to-be perfect gold french tip. You can go thin unlike what I did. It depends on you. I wanted a thick one because I love the gold color and I want to emphasize gold rather than the black. This is a great technique for gradients, this is the origin of the strongest color making the 1/3 part subtle with minimal glitters. And that's the gradient effect! In this case, I just used one type of glitter (fine) so you can use any available glitters you have, you can even add more if you want sparkly nails. 

24K Frosted Gold Rush (20.00) available at any Watsons store

3. Glob on you glitter polish on the french tip line and blend the line out. I basically just pat my nails with the brush so that the glitters will pack and I drag it to the tip. I used 3 coats of the same glitter. Remember you can use many glitters you want (hexagonal, rectangular, stars, hehe any shape you want!) but in my case I used only one for this is just a one-tone one-glitter easy life gradient. Add a topcoat to add shine and protect your cuticles and your done!

Sassy Colors Frosted Gold Glitter (18.00) available at any Watsons store

I also made a daylight version on my RIGHT hand. I used yellow and the same method. If you go for more subtle and bright then use bright colors. :) Sky is the limit and I am looking forward to do more crazy gradients!

Used below: Klik OMG Banana Boat (17.00) available at Landmark Trinoma

- Gift Princess


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