Contest Winnings: Last Week of December - First Week of February

Hello dumplings! So remember where we left off? Let's see it was in the 2nd week of December and I got committed to a lot of stuffs and had digital fastings. LOL! So I didn't get to join much giveaways ever since. But I am blessed because I still received emails and notifications saying I won and so and so. Wow! Awesome right? I can't keep track of the gazillion giveaways I join! :P 

Most of them are from Facebook contests. Why? Because I find contests in Facebook much easier especially when the company itself hosts the said contest. Also I like it when a blogger uses a Rafflecopter for their giveaways. Also, stay tuned for my own future giveaways!

Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess Perfume - Ok so this was in a blog that I randomly found online. They hosted a giveaway sponsored by Auric Blends. Auric Blends have interesting products worth checking out! I chose Egyptian Goddess for my prize. :)

Global Keratin Hair Leave In Conditioner Spray and Serum - They had a hair joke contest in their Facebook page so I asked Andrew for a good one. I decided to post this, "What 

do you call a blonde who dyes her hair black? Artificial intelligence :)". 

I won because my chums liked it. Yay for my friends! <3

mybody Beat the Rush - I won a mybody Beat the Rush which is perfect for my sensitive skin. I will also let Andrew borrow it. LOL for sensitive skin. Thanks mybody! :)

Romwe Tights and Lights - I received this email New Year's eve and I was of course jumping for joy. Its a nice NYE surprise gift! Andrew is now enjoying the electric lights in his living room, he kept on saying it was awesome and he thought they misplaced the tights thingy. I told him I won that too, LOL! Its also my first time to win FIRST PLACE. *wink*

Mal Pearson's Facebook Friday Contest - These are the products I wonCND’s The Look nail polish set for Winter 2011/2012. It contains 3 gorgeous polishes in 24k Sparkle, Midnight Sapphire and Dark Amethyst and Exuviance Performance Peel! This is the third time I won from her giveaways! Thanks Mal, you're a great blogger, fashionista and inspiration for us all! <3. Go like her page

Sedu Anti-Frizz Treatment System - I was confused when they messaged me and I had a little amnesiac moment and slowly found out I joined their contest and that I won. Told you, I can't keep track! Haha. :D This is so cool and I can't wait to use them on my disobedient hair. :D

Merlot Valentine's Day Moonlight Gift Basket - I was surprised to read this today. As in today, February 8, 2012. My boyfriend won? Oh my goodness, he won some girly goodness haha. So as usual half of it or most of it will go to me! Therefore I conclude, I WON TOO! :D Check them out guys.

Won some giveaways lately? Share below!
- Gift Princess


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