Contest Winnings: 3rd Week of February

Welcome dumplings to another edition of my contest craze! Thumbs up if you are a contest freak too. LOL. Let's see what I, fiancee and aunt won for that week! Yeah you read that right. I will include their prizes here too!

DHC Vitamin C Essence - At last, won something at I have been entering ever since and I'm so glad to finally win one and hoping for more! That's right folks, you can enter everyday! So what are you waiting for? Register and bookmark this wonderful site. :D

INPINK $40 gift card - This giveaway was a wonderful blog giveaway by sponsored by INPINK. I looooove their accessories sets, can't to own them (check them out)! Thank you BB for this wonderful giveaway! :D

Jane Iredale Truly Pure Shampoo and Conditioner & Botanical Brush Cleaner Jane Iredale ran a mini giveaway which I accidentally run into. I never knew I would win because the brushes that I posted were too dirty and with diff. brand names. Its my first to win some love for my worn out makeup brushes. Thank you JI!

Moi Mineral Sample Set by Beauty By Misty - Now I proved that I am good with guessing numbers. LOL jk. I almost didnt get my prize on this one for I wasn't reading any posts. So glad to finally respond before the deadline. Can't wait to try Moi Minerals. :D

StriVectin-EV Get Even Brightening Serum two-week sample - I have been participating in their Freebie Friday samples and unfortunately, I just don't win! LOL. This time around I was one of the thousand winners who got the opportunity to get this amazing two week sample! :)
Thank you so much StriVectin

Enjoy Professional Haircare Prize pack - Another blog giveaway and this time I won two products for my looooooooooooong hair! I am determined to enter contests concerning my very fine and limp hair TBH! Thank you Enjoy. I will really enjoy my prize!

Now for my loved ones prizeeeeesss :D

3LAB Perfect Lips - My amazing aunt won the 3LAB Perfect Lips! And since I am the one who entered her, I consider it as a gift from her. LOL! :D

Tony Horton Personal Blender - The boyfriend won another blender to put into our kitchen. YAY! :) Thank you OpenSky


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