Affordable Haul + Review: Jan. 2012

I swear by the moon and stars that these are super affordable! I don't like purchasing items these days esp. when I'm jobless and just waiting for my man to take me away! Also, I like to experiment with local brands before I move out and blog about how I feel about them. Sounds good? Alright!

So here's the product breakdown and a little speech about each and one of them!

1. L.A. Colors EYES set - This was a win-win for me because I spent like only 149.75 and I got an eyeshadow trio, eyeliner and a sharpener. How cute is that? Further review and swatches will follow.

2. Sophie Paris Perfect Skin Peel-Off Mask - My business minded sister forced me to support her so I decided to purchase this one since its only P130. I find it a-okay and it works just like any other peel I used, making my skin feels much more smoother. No kidding! It contains salicylic acid, tea tree oil and aloe vera. I rarely have breakouts and I think every products work for me so I can't really say! :P

3. Klik Dotting Tool set & Klik Oh My Golly Nail Polish (Banana Boat & Mojito) - Klik prolly is my favorite local brand of everything nail art! Their dotting tool might seem common with other brands but they are the only brand that carries it in Landmark (my favorite place to shop) and I'm too lazy to search for other ones. Tee-hee! For the polishes, the OMG edition features very pigmented almost jelly-like colors. I picked up Banana Boat and Mojito and I'm loving their solid colors. They are 17.50 each and the quantity will last you up to months. :D

4. L.A. Colors Black Art Deco Nail Art - Been using this bad boy on little sis and the only thing that I don't like is that it was quick dry and so I had difficulty doing art for more than seconds and I had to dip it so and so. Other than that, I love how pigmented it is. :D 

5. Careline Classic Mini Polishes - Its my first time to purchase from Careline. All I can say is, apply them sheer. Its slow drying, no-no for water marbling and awful smell. Oh well, I was just experimenting and they retail for P10 each! At leas the price is good but you really have to be patient with this stuff.

6. Sweet Cherry Polish (Appealing Red, Magic Black & Neon Blue) - Sweet Cherry polishes are perfect for my every other day nail arts. I can't seem to get satisfied with having just one design for a whole week. So what better way to fulfill my arty needs is to purchase cheap bottles with quality formula, enter in Sweet Cherry that retails for only P15.75. Plus I don't feel any regrets for I can buy another bottle or two without the guilt. Try them!

7. Sassy Colors Nail Polish (Frosted Gold Glitter & Clear) - I rate B for the Clear polish! It doesn't help with the drying, it just makes it worse. For the glitter, theyre okay just like that. Of course every glitter is stubborn in removing so be used to those things. (--,) They are 18.00 each.

8. 24K Frosted Gold Rush - I'm gonna say I love their formula! For P20.00 each, I have no complaints except that it was too small compared to Klik's OMG. I wish their sizes are equal but alas, we can't have everything all at once! :P

- Gift Princess


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