L.A. Colors Eye Catching Value Kit

I discovered another drugstore priced line that I will refer to as a gem. Why? You'll find why, just keep on reading!

I personally like the eyeliner because it was creamy, easy to use and I never have to concentrate very hard on applying it!

For just a fraction of a price, this kit will give you a mini eyeliner and 6 eyeshadows that are work-friendly & suitable for a lot of skin tones.

This set has the Prism eyeshadow palette and the eyeshadows are average, just giving you a subtle look.

The eye / brow pencil is perfect for smokey eyes with smudged lining at the outer corner of the eye.

So will I repurchase? Definitely! I think of buying another set of eye / brow liners. See you on the next post!

- Gift Princess


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