FIRST Nail Arts

These past few weeks, I cultivated a new craze... Nail Arts! Somehow I had the delusion that I can be a great nail artist so I fussed over my old bottles (never interested before), let my very short nails grow (Nurses shouldn't have looooong nails, ugh) and used every other household items as tools (back of colored pencils, ballpens, bobby pin, name it!). I had so much fun like never before! 

I use to draw, paint and be artistic on papers and now my nails scream like a blank canvass ready to be dolled up anytime! 

Here are my first time ever nail arts. I'm glad my sis, mom & friends like these, hihi :)

First Newspaper Nail Art (Left Hand)

This was kind of a disaster. Well everyone's first always is but I keep on repeating the first two nails I tried on! Either they won't transfer or the paper will transfer too, lol! Finally got it around the third time. You know what they say, third time's a charm!

First Random Doodles on Pink Background - Right Hand

One night, I applied pink and got bored just by looking at such a blank pink space so I decided to doodle. I was surprised! You know why? My left hand was steady like crazy! Am I ambidextrous? Lol, I hope so! 

First Shimmer Pink with Black Water Marble Nail Art - Left Hand

This was my first decent water marble nail art and I screwed up big time. Wanna know why? Because I used tap water instead of filtered water and I used my Newspaper Nail art as background instead of a clean white one! Haha, I still think its cute. My mom says so too! :D

Which one is your fave? :P

- Gift Princess


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