Charge It On Experience: Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil & Tinted Lip Balm

Human Nature products always get the best of my curiosity whenever I stumble upon MUA's blogs or discussions. Who can ever resist a product line that promises 100% free of chemicals & toxins? Also, they are Philippine made that is worth supporting by any Filipina addicted to beauty like me. Last but not the least they are incredibly affordable. While you might raise your eyebrow at that word, they can always prove that quality is still their highest priority. It doesn't always mean that if it is cheap then the quality is compromised. Check out their website to find out more. 

Human Nature Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil - Its one of the most coveted product Human Nature has ever made. It can dupe any expensive lotion you have in your beauty cabinet and can do much more wonders other than to moisturize. I also use it to remove my makeup, add a little glitz to my hair & use it as a quick regimen for some of my dessert-dry areas of skin (i.e. toes, elbows etc.).

The first thing that bothered me after I bought it is the defected pump. It wasn't working and I was half-way to Baguio even before I can return it. I totally wished I had tested it when I was in the store. :P I brought this to Baguio because I know it will be freezing cold there during the nights & my magic oil can do wonders in keeping my extremities warm. It worked its charm & the next thing I wished for is a nice warm spa and a jacuzzi (which won't really work out there XD). 

So will I purchase another bottle of this? Yes of course, the oil is not as sticky as we all know of & it locks in moisture 10x than lotion. So it is definitely worth hauling, hoarding & stashing. :)

Human Nature Tinted Lip Balm in Island Kiss - It gives off a sheer color of orange. A go-to, always-in-a-hurry gal would love this. Plus it doesn't just give color but moisture & it softens chapped lips. Who needs a lipstick when you have this, right? Especially for me, my lips are always chappy, rough & so on and so forth. I find them superbly excellent in delivering those smooth lips and subtle color for everday look. :)

- Gift Princess


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