Welcome to the Etude House...

Since these are my first ever goodies from Etude House I would like to tell you all that I love their girly concept of the boutique, sassy packaging and Asian feel of every swatch. Kpop culture  is very in demand in the Philippines and though I may not be a fan of their music, I am most certainly a fan of their cosmetic line which is Etude House. :)

I received a membership card for the purchase I made. Their pink card functions like an SM Advantage card too. :)

Etude House Peach Beam Blusher can both be a blush and a highlighter. This is my current highlighter and the left frosty finish wears for 5 hours on me. The right side is a finish for any blush I want to have shimmers of. 

I got a little carried away hence the oh-so-many pictures. :) Its soooo pretty!

This mascara is average, it gives me the long lash I need but not the volume. Honestly, I picked the wrong one and I realized my mistake when I was back home. Oh well... :P 

Some pics of me wearing the blush and mascara. :)

- Gift Princess


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