Ooops He Did It Again!

Though very far apart (7,000 plus miles away) my boyfriend/fiancee/best friend never fails to spoil me rotten. :P And he has no plans on stopping or whatever, maybe just sighing when the price is very expensive. But we're both sale freaks so its safe to say that we control our girly shopping instincts.

Enter Urban Decay Urban Bride kit! The moment I told him that Urban Decay is holding some sale and since we're on the path of making our wedding a reality next year, he decided to surprise me with the kit. I remember waking up to his text saying the kit is on the way. Yep, he always makes my heart fat and chunky. Its my first set of Urban Decay too!

And because he's not a savvy shopper and he's always at work and barely on malls, he can either buy online or at drugstores. So when he asked me, I told him I like Wet n Wild eyeshadows that Temptalia feautred & Maybelline's Colossal Volum Express mascara. He had a hard time looking and it took him some time and he was afraid that people will label him gay. Hahaha... But still he sacrificed just to make me happy! Such a sweet guy... I'm always in cloud 9 when he does that.

I'm all excited to wear UD on my wedding day! Just look at all the stuff inside. :) I will review them individually once I get the nerve to even touch them.  Hahaha... For now, they are sitting prettily on my messy kikay table. XD As for the W nW & Maybelline, I'll be using them during my holiday vacation which is tomorrow. Until my next blogpost!

- Gift Princess


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