Ianti Cosmetics: An Introduction

Hello DUMPLINGS! I missed you all and I missed blogging and I miss my camera. :) These pictures were taken by guessing all angles & such since the LCD of my camera show only whites. :) Tricky and fun! I will still post pictures & blog using my old camera. Thank God it is still useable except for the LCD.

Bought these babies a while back from of course my favorite department store, Landmark. I was fishing through counters for affordable never before experienced cosmetics. Yes, I love the adventure of trying other makeups before I leave Philippines!

They are super affordable, less than 200php. I bought a lipgloss and a concealer, since I am on a budget! Ianti cosmetics is from Korea. To know more, click this.

The concealer is amazing & long lasting! On the other hand, the lipgloss, feels gloppy and sort of tacky. I don't like the formula at all. Still, I wanna go back & try some of their products.

I think their sale is a wonderful opportunity to stock on your vanity kit or as a gift to your friends! The sales associate told me that it will last until Dec. 31st. Hurry guys! (^^,)

Do share your thoughts on their products!
- Gift Princess


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