Contest Winnings: Yellow Yum's Birthday Giveaway

Christmas came pretty early for me and until now I'm still in a haze of bliss as I recall my winnings this week. Nine prizes including this amazing set for just one week! Whoa, my perseverance all paid off. ;) 

I have tons of things that came too just in time before Christmas but first let's talk about this wonderful prize from one of the top beauty bloggers here in the Philippines. Now you know that I'm a newbie blogger & I do more blog hopping than blogging actually. Whenever I come across giveaways, I instantly enter myself and hope so hard to get chosen!

iWhite Facial Cream SPF 15

So when I got an email from Ms. Char, I was ecstatic! I thought I won the Suesh 3 way lighted mirror but then again I couldn't take it with me when I leave so I am happy to have another make-up base to use, an all natural hair removal sugar wax and a cute little book trinket to accessorize my book/s (bookworm me).

I picked up my prize the same day me and my mom picked hers (Celeteque swag bag). We ventured against the holiday rush and boy was we ever frustrated with snobby cabbies & traffic jams everywhere. But it was all worth it in the end!

Strip It Hair Removal Sugaring Wax

Thank you again Ms. Char and keep on keeping on with your blog! Happy holidays and merry Christmas everyone!

- Gift Princess


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