Contest Winnings Summary: From Thanksgiving Up To Now!!!

Hello dumplings, here is the weekly errr... every other week update of my contest & promo winnings before I even get them. They are in random order & these are I believe from the duration of November's last week up to this day (I won the planner & laptop sleeve today!). Moving on!

Drumroll please... dum dum dum dum...

Burt's Bees Bee Merry Facebook promo - I got a lotion and lipbalm during the last two days of their promo. My persistence & patience paid off! Sadly it ends today December 7, 2011. 

Specific Beauty 1,000 Holiday Shopping Sweepstakes - I haven't won yet and never will but to receive Exfoliating Cleansing Cloth just by entering is already a win-win for me!

Providence and Grace Cosmetics question giveaway - Here's the thing, they love asking fans about random things that has to do with the season. For example, I participated in the "What do you want for Christmas?" surprise question one fine midnight while I was browsing" and I never thought I won! The pick was random too. Go like their page now! :)

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Spread the Froth Campaign - Yesterday, I received around 7 emails regarding this. I thought it was a hoax but then I still registered and invited all of my friends, LOL! Hours later I received my confirmation, the branch and the code. Yay its for real! I love coffee, who doesn't?

The Makeup Divas Skindinavia Giveaway - She holds the best contests ever! This also is my second winning from her and I've always wanted to try Skindinavia after reading a lot of raves in the internet. :) Will be receiving the product by Friday, yay!

Golla Philippines 12 days of giveaways - They are gonna test your creativity & honesty! So glad to have won before they changed the mechanics lol!

Bloom Live Q&A featuring Blow Pro - Courtesy of Vokle, I participated live by asking all my hair questions and look what I got! A free product, namely Blow Pro Faux Dry Shampoo. Cool!!! :)

2012 Planner Giveaway by Female Network - I'm definitely choosing Belle De Jour, every Filipina girl's must have planner forever. (^^,)

- Gift Princess 


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