Contest Winnings: Belle De Jour

Hello dumplings!!!! Did you know that this is my first time to win a planner? And did you know that I usually procrastinate from writing in my planner? LOL, IKR? 

Last year, I bought myself a Starbucks planner, but then again I gave it to my boyfriend instead because I realized he's more organized in thoughts more than me. I'm prone to writing things on every chunk of paper I see. And I promise to break that habit! Fingers crossed. :D

By the way, much thanks to Female Network for this giveaway. I have been longing to have a Belle De Jour planner because I'm always longing for Paris and always will till I get there! (Libre lang mangarap, haha)

I especially like this planner because of the vouchers and coupons inside. I heard you can save up to P20,000 yay! Aside from the said discounts, I also love the positive atmosphere it gives to us women. Its enriched with quotes and such which suits my moody-mostly-because-of-hormones-feelings. LOL!

So... Let's take a look of some pages with the drawing of pretty Belles. By the way, in case you are wondering Belle de Jour means an "it" girl. :)

- Gift Princess


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