What Came In the Mail & E-mail Today!!!

Finally got my free gift from Athena Milk Philippines! They had an anniversary giveaway last month & I was blessed enough to be included in the first 300 respondents! Their second prize was an Aldo Gift Certificate but I doubt that my entry passed through. ;)

I also won 5 tickets to the Supersale Bazaar at World Trade Center today until Nov. 6 via Say Artillero & Naturele Collezione! I am so excited to go with my girlfriends tomorrow. <3 I look forward to meet other bloggers as well!

I won in another contest too! Hence this status! Read it for yourselves dumplings & will just post the items I won when I get them! 

Its such a fun Friday for me! CAN.NOT.WAIT. to get my gifties... (^^,) Thank you LORD!!!

- Gift Princess


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