What Came Along With My Magic Jack!!!

These two tools (two-too, lol) are included in the box my fiancee sent me last week. I just told him to pick whatever brush & lash curler he sees & this is what he ended up with. He said he didn't have enough time because he is caught up with work, play, church & everything. We both are multitaskers, tee-hee.


I do like the design of the blush brush, like its a fun travel-sized thingie but the bristles are another story. They are rough (skin contact) when dry & hard to manage during brush cleansing. The lash curler on the other hand needs a few stretching on the kinks. 

Included also is the item I won from Jordana Cosmetics' Facebook giveaway! Jordana FabuBrow in Taupe!!! <3

This pencil is creamy like it already has the wax mixed with it. All you have to do is line your eyebrows carefully then use the comb to shape & press your brows and voila! Naturally perfect brows in a jiffy.

The marketing chose the color themselves. They guaranteed that they will choose the item to our liking. :) I heart Taupe, so light yet it gives various definitions so that your brows will still appear natural.

The boyfriend forgot to pack some of my other prizes so I am still waiting for my "another" box. LOL... In the meantime, comment below with your tips & tricks in achieving the perfect eyebrow. I am so ready to learn!

- Gift Princess


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