St. Ives Hydroxy Masque Review

I was first introduced to this mask via my lovely cousin ate Cris. She's a skincare addict too just like me. Together we share products we like & dislike. She's a mother now but her skin still looks so fabulous!

To start off, I'm gonna rave about how I love, love, love (need I say more?) this mask. First, its for all skin types so no need to cry about it. Second, the smell is appropriate with the picture, the APPLE! :) Third, its very sticky and dries fast so you must hurry & spread it thinly onto your face. I am impatient you know. Fourth, I like to peel-off! I think its the most wonderful habit in the world. LOL! I just like the feeling of "peeling" away impurities from the skin. Fifth, I of course love the ingredients & how it doesn't sting my sensitive skin.

I don't have any negative comments at all! :)
Its your turn to share your thoughts!
- Gift Princess


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