NYX Winter In Moscow Palette Swatches & Review

NYX Winter in Moscow: Lovely palette for smokey-eye lovers. This palette is exclusive for silver-grey smokey eye looks. But one can juice out creative looks using this one. Unfortunately that's not me. LOL!

Two lovely blushes 

5 lovely lipsticks

14 lovely eyshadows

What pleased & displeased me...
*The color & quality - The blushes have excellent color pay off though a little bit chalky. The lipsticks are a nice set and I wish they are filled to the brim (you know what I mean).  I think I've already finished the gold color (I reapply every 4 hours - lasting quality is a bit off)! Some shadows may all look similar but with a closer inspection, each silver leans a different hue. There are super fall outs so tap your brushes before applying them on your eyelid.  They are kind of chalky too. Every time I swipe my brush, the shadows in the pan gets everywhere.

*Packaging - I like the overall pocket book case with strong magnetic closure. You know me, I love travel-friendly-throw-it-anywhere palettes. However, the inside is another issue. The divider is a detachable plastic film that does minimal help in separating chunks of powders. You will have to have a lot of patience in getting it off and in putting back. I wish they just attached it to the spine.

*Price - NYX Winter In Moscow Palette (19.50). This palette is such a steal! :)

Overall Final Grade: A-

I still give it an A- for the price & how beautiful each shade is - blush & eyeshadows! :) I spoil this baby much and carry it everywhere.

How do you find you NYX WIM? :)

- Gift Princess


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