I'm the 7,394,857,236,218 Girl To Own MAC Russian Red!!!

I was a bit exaggerated with the numbers but you know, MAC Russian Red has been reviewed to death by famed beauty bloggers. I won't be emphasizing much on a review, you can just google it yourself, haha.

Kidding aside, I love the formulas of MAC lipsticks that's why they are right up on every woman's alley. This one is in matte which I love because I only need a few pat on my lips & it stains it pretty well. 

A hundred thumbs up for this one. I love me a good dose of red! Plus, I love the vanilla scent, pigmentation, lasting quality & minimal black packaging. My holy grail red matte lippie!

Here are a swatch of it in my arms & lips.

A good dose of vanity... ehrm... loads of pic! Hahaha

Have you tried MAC Russian Red? Share!
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