EVENT: Oct. 31 Outdoor Church Fellowship!!!

October 31 was such a fine day to stay outdoors! This is in Quezon Memorial Circle (fave park). It was neither hot nor stormy. Oh how I love being with my church members. Everything is so fun -- from playing sports to preaching & praying! 

More pictures will be posted on my personal FB account! So for now, enjoy these tidbits as I am waiting for more pictures from my friends. 

A little vanity pics below... Hihihihi.... And a little "what-in-the-world-am-I-wearing" episode. (^^,)

Sunglass: Aldo

Not so stylish but very comfy and modest attire!

white shirt: Classic Girl by American Apparel
black dress: Jenni by Jennifer Moore
shoes: Skechers
bag: Bath & Body Works

Me & my sister's hair made by Sarah, our own bible student! Mighty fun-filled day!

How did you spend your looooooong weekend???

-Gift Princess


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