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Current Drugstore Facial Cleansers - Nov. - Dec. 2011

These babies are super mild, comfortable and just the right formula for low-maintenance skincare (at home). All leading department stores have these under P200. Great deal right? :) I think they are great as stocking stuffers for beauty junkies too. :)

- Gift Princess

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First Ish of SBBC Fashion Magazine!!!

This was way back April 2011 and we just had fun one sunny afternoon in the camp & decided to feature it as a magazine (since Queenie is a media freak). And no, we did not update it since! :P These are candid with a non-SLR camera so I edited them. Have fun viewing!

I forgot where my sandal is from! Andrew's gift ;)

More photos HERE!!! Hats were from Landmark & bargain store. Umbrella from a bargain store too! 

Props to PJ Tabanda for being an awesome kid & lending his camera skills!

- Gift Princess

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Latest Contest & Promo Winnings

As usual I addressed them all to my fiancee, so I'll be awaiting another package again. :) I'm still waiting for 2 packages currently in water traffic in the Pacific Ocean. LOL!

Yellow Yum's Birthday Giveaway!!!

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Here is my photo entry. :) Andrew was all groggy here & his flight just landed haha

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NYX Winter In Moscow Palette Swatches & Review

NYX Winter in Moscow: Lovely palette for smokey-eye lovers. This palette is exclusive for silver-grey smokey eye looks. But one can juice out creative looks using this one. Unfortunately that's not me. LOL!

Two lovely blushes 

5 lovely lipsticks

14 lovely eyshadows

What pleased & displeased me...
*The color & quality - The blushes have excellent color pay off though a little bit chalky. The lipsticks are a nice set and I wish they are filled to the brim (you know what I mean).  I think I've already finished the gold color (I reapply every 4 hours - lasting quality is a bit off)! Some shadows may all look similar but with a closer inspection, each silver leans a different hue. There are super fall outs so tap your brushes before applying them on your eyelid.  They are kind of chalky too. Every time I swipe my brush, the shadows in the pan gets everywhere.

*Packaging - I like the overall pocket book case with strong magnetic closure. You know me, I love travel-friendly-throw-it-anywhere palettes. However, the inside is another issue. The divider is a detachable plastic film that does minimal help in separating chunks of powders. You will have to have a lot of patience in getting it off and in putting back. I wish they just attached it to the spine.

*Price - NYX Winter In Moscow Palette (19.50). This palette is such a steal! :)

Overall Final Grade: A-

I still give it an A- for the price & how beautiful each shade is - blush & eyeshadows! :) I spoil this baby much and carry it everywhere.

How do you find you NYX WIM? :)

- Gift Princess

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What Kind of Accessory are You?

I took Beauty Riot's quiz of the day and was happy with the result. I think its accurate, and if not why would I even bother posting it? Uhm... Okay, this is a random blog anyway, hehe.

So here's what they have to say about my "accessory personality".

Structured Handbag

Are you super organized? Do you admire order and practicality? If so, then it's no surprise that your personality accessory is like a structured handbag -- streamlined, classic, and logical. 

According to Ashbrook, a structured handbag personality is one that many of the leading ladies in Hollywood share, from Audrey Hepburn to Nicole Kidman. These women "prefer modern looks but still keep things simple." Rygorsky adds that this personality type is "self-assured, classy, and comfortable with herself." And while you may not stray too far style-wise -- no Lady Gaga outfits here -- you always look pulled-together and ready for anything. 

Style Tip: When incorporating a structured handbag into your look, pair with a classic shoe, but in a fun color. Ashbrook says, "Handbags and shoes don't have to match colors, but they should match in the 'classic' style to work." Rygorksy also points out that a structured handbag is really versatile and can go well with tailored or slouchier pieces. "For a classic look, pair a structured handbag with crisp slacks and a silky blouse. For an edgier feel, match a structured bag with a more casual piece, like an off-the-shoulder knit sweater," she says.

(WOW, I'm self-assured, classy, and comfortable with myself? [a little diet will do haha]. Oh and I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn, good thing I'm on the same path with her.)

Favorite Youtube MUA Guru: Klaire de Lys

Its so fun watching tutorials in youtube. I'm just another avid watcher of avant-garde makeup. Not exactly dreaming of doing it to myself, I can hardly manage my eyeliner! LOL! But this awesome, pretty girl makes them so easy plus she uses affordable makeup. She's a singer too! Cool, right?

These are my favorite tutorials from her. Wearable to avant-garde. Watch and be amazed!


Spring Bridal Makeup



Cheryl Cole Parachute Music Video Inspired

Chinese Fashion Inspired

Arty Eye

Arabic Makeup: Mirage

Galaxy Makeup

Butterfly Makeup

Aztec Queen

Whirl Pool

and my favorite tutorial of all the hundreds she got is....

Porcelain Doll

(I admit, she kinda looks like my church friend in that video!)

Guest Post: What You Need to Do to Stay Competitive in Your Career

In today’s competitive marketplace, jobs aren’t easy to come by. It’s not enough that you are the best at what you do. Your competitive edge requires the complete package, and that means your appearance - something that may sound shallow, but very true.

Looks do matter. Take a recent study conducted by Daniel Hamermesh, an Economist at University of Texas-Austin. Hamermesh found that if you’re more attractive, you’ll be able to make more money (plus find a better-looking spouse, too). Overall, attractive people are happier because, simply put, they’ve got more money. Now this may sound quite superficial, but it’s an unfortunate fact that is backed by this research.

Instead of trying to fight this, why don’t you take advantage of it instead? Invest the time and effort it takes to  improve your appearance, starting from your face. Your face is the most important part of your appearance, and is essentially your business card and identifier. A clear and vibrant complexion is your first step toward improving your appearance. Get it by following a customized skincare treatment regimen that addresses your skin concerns.

Your customized skincare treatment is devised by a skincare specialist who understands the complexity of your skin. That’s right – skin is a highly complex organ that requires proper care to optimize its beauty. Most regimens,  including Canada’s SkinTx, involve a cleanser, toner/astringent, serum(s)/therapy product and moisturizer.


Your first step is to cleanse. Sounds easy, right? It is, if you follow directions closely. The right way to wash your face is to use lukewarm water (never hot because it irritates the skin and strips moisture away) then work the cleanser into a lather, if necessary. Gently apply to your face in a circular motion, being extra careful not to tug on any part of your skin. Then rinse. Some say you should rinse with cold water to tighten the pores, but using lukewarm is  sufficient.

Toner /Astringent

Toners aren’t for everyone. You’ll be recommended a toner if your skin requires a gentle push towards balancing pH levels. Toners tend to be quite gentle and are suitable for normal to dry skin. Astringents, on the other hand, are more suitable for oily to acne-prone skin, since they thoroughly cleanse the pores. While both toners and  astringents are similar, their difference is in the type of skin they’re best suited for.

Serums/Therapy Products

Once your face is sparkling clean, serums and therapy products are next. You may be advised to use one around the eyes, another in your t-zone and yet another elsewhere. You may also use a combination of them. It all depends on
the skin problem you want to correct. For example, a serum loaded with Vitamin C can help greatly with wrinkles, while a product bursting with Vitamin K is great to deal with dark circles around the eyes. Your skincare specialist will suggest the best products for you.

An important thing to remember when applying this category of product is to use a very light touch. This will probably be easy to do, since their formulations are quite light, designed this way to be absorbed quickly into the skin to start working faster.

Moisturizer (preferably containing SPF30 minimum)

Finally, the last category is moisturizers. No matter what type of skin you have, be it dry or super oily, you’ll need to apply a moisturizer. Doing so balances the production of natural oils in your skin, normalizing it. It also helps by providing a bit of protection against the elements, which is what natural oils also do.

While you may find that your skincare treatment regimen differs, generally, these are the products that are most commonly applied.

Follow your regimen closely to get that radiant and clear complexion vital to make you look more attractive.  Beautiful skin is your best accessory, after all. You may find that this is all you’ll need to get that competitive edge in your career. You’ll also find that a better complexion will make you feel great, too, giving you more self confidence!

Cindy Clark is a medical aesthetic consultant for Skin Vitality, one of Canada’s largest beauty clinics. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Cindy knows all about skin and what to do to make it look nicer.

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I Like To Mauve It, Mauve It. You Like To Mauve It, Mauve It!

Hello dumplings all over the world! 

Firstly, this is an ode to my camera. These pictures are memories of my old, broken camera. Oh how I miss my camera! Too bad the LCD is all bonkers. At this point, I don't know if I should get it fixed or just wait until I get a new camera. Blogging will be paused for these days that's for sure! :P

Here is one of my favorite lip liner in Mauve. Exclusively from Lancôme via my Aunt hehe.

Lancôme Mauvelle is described as "Matte Plum". Personally, I love using lip pencils sometimes because I can draw the shape then just fill in, add a gloss and I'm ready to go!

This creamy-soft, waterproof pencil with a built-in brush that defines and contours lips with rich, sumptuous color. The comfortable, smudge-resistant formula glides on effortlessly and prevents lipstick from feathering and bleeding, for a look that’s always fresh. Wear alone or under your favorite Lancôme Lip Color.

Here's a swatch from Lancôme. Surprisingly, my lips stayed hydrated and there was no feathering out or bleeding. Application was precise and very easy.

Some pictures of me from a different camera. :P

top: I.N.C.
- Gift Princess

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