Haul: Ebay C/O House of Flair

Finally my order from e-bay arrived at the hands of Ms. Suyen of House of Flair. :D

Been waiting for more than a month for these babies (somersault then plank)!!!

First off, I want you all to know that Ms. Suyen is one of the amazing top sellers in Multiply. 

"The House of Flair is your one-stop shop for shopping US online stores. We can pre-order anything available from their online stores and bring it straight to your doorstep!"

To know more about House of Flair click this: http://houseofflair.multiply.com

I love retro packages. It runs in my veins.

It was worth trusting her! One can never be too sure of ebay transactions right? And of course I don't have a paypal account (insert snicker here). The whole process was smooth, prompt and worry-free!

She will attend to all your inquiries which I did guiltily and if you are reading this Ms. Suyen, I am sorry for being a nutty customer. LOL! (^^,)

I'll be doing an extensive (???) yet fun review for these babies in the next batch of blogs:

1. Stila Made In Your Shade Foundation Wardrobe (Warm) - Purchased this from a charity seller. I'm glad I helped and at the same time fulfill my Stila wishes! Warm is the only available shade. :| But they all look wearable for my skin (think positive)!

2. theBalm BalmVoyage Eye Kit - I was attracted to the free luggage tag inside! And I love theBalm... Period. :)

3. Body America Organics Southern Belle (Peach Mango) - I love anything mango plus it'll help my dessert-dry lips. :D

4. Charlotte Ronson Bronzing Glow [sample] - Bronzers are not only for summers but for fall and winter as well. Raise your hands if you want to look warm on an icy season!

Thank you House of Flair! Looking forward for the next! Oh my poor wallet!
- Gift Princess


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