EVENT: Mom's Twin's Silver Wedding + Birthday Celebration!!!

Preparing for the wedding & being vain! :P

October 24 is my Mom and my aunt's (her twin) birthday! Tita Delia decided to hold the wedding in that date also so last Monday, October 24, 2011 we made a blast at their wedding anniversary. We all wore silver, gray hues to stick to the motif. :P

I did all the makeup, hair & styling of my sister, Mom and myself. Whew! 3 claps for me... Naaaahh... I enjoyed mix and matching & practicing on them. Laughing in between mistakes, oh what fun!

Now onto the pictures of the event and our vanity moments. :D

After the sumptuous reception, we went to Shakey's pizza to celebrate Mam's bday. And because we're a bit full, we just ordered a large pizza and some mojos.


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