Contest Winnings: Le Faerie Cosmetics Pro Blush Duo

Le Faerie Cosmetics Pro Duo Blusher
Le Faerie Cosmetics Pro Duo Blusher

This blush duo comes in muted shade of Peach and Semi-pop color of Pink. These colors are the best combination to achieve a youthful look.
Colors are BUILDABLE AND BLENDABLE so you can achieve different gradatoin and combinations.

Comes with a blusher and the size is equivalent to your regualr size powder foundation. 

Do not underestimate this simple looking blush as the colors can stay in your cheeks for 6-8 hours even if it is not in liquid form.The advantage of this blush over cheek and lip tint is that you can blend and build the colors so you don;t end up looking like a Japanese doll or clown.

Last August, Le Faerie held a contest wherein Facebook likers must creatively answer the question, "Who/What makes you blush?" in celebration of their one year anniversary.

The prize is their Pro Duo Blusher which retails around P499. Overall, they will pick 25 winners with the most likes. I was hesitant at first because whenever a contest is about liking, usually its very hard to go against those who have Facebook pages with many fans. Although my main FB account has 4,000 plus friends, I don't want to meddle & disturb that much, LOL! I had a traumatic-liking-contest-event in the past with theBalm's contest, so I had some  liking-contest-phobia flowing through my veins. :D

My post has only less than 20 likes and I'm glad that they mentioned in the rules that if the Le Faerie team like your post, you will garner an additional 1,000 likes! Whew! So here's what I posted and thank you Le Faerie for liking it and letting me win!!!!!!!!! :D

Andrew edited my composition. He's such a good boyfriend! And so supportive! :D

I find the blush very pigmented & distributes well onto the cheek. I combined the two together to deliver a flushing and glowing cheeks at the same time. The case is cute, just like my MAC Studio fix! Minimalist black casing is what I love.

Sorry, my camera is very vivid on yellow and orange tones but I assure you that they are vibrant. Just one swipe will do for me! :D

Some more vain photos of me! :P

I used my new face primer! MAC Prep + Prime Skin primer! More details & review on the next batch of blogs.

Thank you Le Faerie & more power!
- Gift Princess


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