Contest Winnings: Benefit Cosmetics Brow Waxing Gift Certificate!!!

A heart-stopping moment every girl deserves to look forward to. 

Awhile back, I participated in a contest hosted by Benefit Cosmetics Philippines at Facebook. Even though I did not win, I was thrilled when they actually had a consolation prize for the participants! Free brow waxing! Did you know that they've been raising brows since 1976? How cool is that? 

I love anything Benefit!

Their boutique is still a big secret so I edited the photo and the email message. Sorry guys, I'm just following rules!

Here is the email they sent to us Bene-babes (I'm loving the label!):

Hey there Princess!
Welcome to the world of gorgeous at Benefit Cosmetics!
Thank you for sending us your contact details. We are more than thrilled to see you very very soon! The picture you sent us is sooo cool! It's exactly what benefit is all about -- fun, laughter, boldness and being girly! :)
You may print this email with the attached Gift Certificate to claim your Complimentary Brow Waxing Service in our first Boutique in Manila within the first two weeks of its Store Opening --- hush's gonna be in ======== =! (Only VIPs like you are privileged to know for now) We'll let you know Opening Date as soon as we confirm it, but hopefully before Christmas. :)
Anything is definitely more fun when shared with friends, right? So tell your friends about us and bring them with you on the store! We'll be more than happy to receive you. We are bringing everything Benefit in the Philippines -- cosmetics AND our signature brow and waxing services as well!
This is just really exciting Princess! See you soon! xoxo
Benefit Cosmetics Philippines

(^^,) I am so happy right now!
Can't wait!
- Gift Princess


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