Body America Organics Lip Butter & Charlotte Ronson Face & Body Glow

Very long title! Hi dumplings. These two are the remaining item from my House of Flair haul! How was your weekends? It was mighty fine for me, I love going to church & pigging out afterwards. (^^,) So...

First off, is the yummy Body America Organics Southern Belle lip butter. Southern Belle has a peach mango flavor. It totally reminded me of my favorite crepe. What else than the PEACH MANGO combo I love!

The promise:
Enriched with natural extracts, our great tasting lip butter naturally soothes & protects. Fast absorbing, light, creamy, delicious, you'll quickly feel the need to apply liberally on lips or over lipstick repeatedly during the day & night. Designed for all skin types.

- Great edible taste
- Does not alter lipstick colors
- Absorbs quickly, leaving no residue
- Contains shea and cocoa butter

I find it really moisturizes my lips overnight (during sleep). So I might actually recommend this to my readers! See the photos below.

I love love this one! You know I love getting shimmery. Why? Just because! :)

Here are the ingredients why this one will make you glow with beauty:

-Nano Fine Titanium Dioxide and Alumina: Works synergistically to create a soft focus effect by absorbing, reflecting and scattering light. 
-Multidimensional Pigments: Creates differentiating shimmer and luminosity effects. -Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride and Octyl-Palmitate: Helps keep the skin soft, supple and moisturized. -Vitamins C & E: Strong antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

This weightless bronzer gives skin a shimmery, sun-kissed glow while evening and brightening the complexion. Like having your own personal lighting guy, its LFT™ (Light Filter Technology) adjusts to absorb and reflect light, creating exceptional glowing effects under any light. Enhanced with vitamins C and E, these ingredients help skin look luminous—never flat or dull. Its soothing and moisturizing formulation is oil-free. 

It looks good with my brown-ish complexion. Check the photos & swatch!

These FOTD pics will be on my next blogs for Fall looks. :)

- Gift Princess


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