Queen's Upcoming Boutique, "Modest Apparels"

My BFF, Queenie since high school is one workaholic multitasker. She wants to open yet another business and this time, its no longer about cookies but dresses. And we love dresses, especially the modest ones. Yes? Yes! :) 

The minute I saw this black and red combo high-waisted dress, I immediately fell in love with it. (My fiancee love this combo too!) I have been searching far and wide for a design like this in malls, but they are way too fitted and short. Not to mention questionable prices. :P

I don't have much photo for it was raining outside but the color was a great contrast on that gloomy day. My sister bought a pale pink duo-layered dress which is compatible with her fair skin. Its a girly theme because of the flowery print and the ribbon accent.

Bring on the pictures and see for yourselves!

And here's a new video from john Schmidt that I am listening to while posting this! I love old people too!

Love dresses?
Until the next healthy doses of my fashion blog!
- Gift Princess


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