IN2IT Matte Liquid Eyeliner In All Black

Hello dear dumplings!

Since I'll be moving to USA next year, I decided to buy myself an Asian branded eyeliner from IN2IT cosmetics! I know I won't find one there LOL. 

You can find them at Watson, SM Department Stores and at Trinoma Landmark -- where I bought this baby!

Let me tell you a lil bit story 'bout that night. I approached the counter very cheerfully (there were a lot of ladies for it was one of those sales days) and a fellow customer at the IN2IT counter appreciated my smokey eye makeup. She then started asking me how I did it & what brands I used and how many shadows do I have to apply. 

Flattered, I answered nonchalantly, "I mostly watch from youtube. I used four eyeshadows and they are all from Lancome." 

Then comes "Aaaaahhh like what my niece do also. Your eyes are pretty!" and awkward silence.

I grab the eyeliner & paid for it. :D

It was funny because its as if you can't mention a diff. brand (well, she was asking). And yes I know its kind of unethical in other countries. But oh well, I was just being honest. Most of my Lancome makeups are giftwares anyway. :)

Don't get me wrong! She was a nice lady!


The packaging says its matte, long-wearing and waterproof. It has a thin brush perfect for winged eyeliners fanatics. It lasted on me and yes its matte.  So for the waterproof thingy, I did a little test. First off, the swatch -- which was kinda shiny because its not so uber dry when I took a picture.

Then I sprinkled water! It didn't run or smudged. :)

Its only 239.75 php. So I guess a good buy eh? The only problem with it is that it clumps & stains the skin very well when I tried removing it with my trusty make-up remover (that is because I had 10 layers of it between dry coates, hehe). I had to rub my lid very hard which isn't good at all. :|

Hope the review helped you a bit!

- Gift Princess Goden


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