NEW! Earring rack :)

NEW earring rack!

Recently, my earring rack that I bought from Mga Likha Ni Inay at SM North Cyberzone split apart, so all my earrings went tumbling down in different directions. Until now I'm still looking for vagabond earrings, hehe. It looks like this:

Good thing I took a decent picture of it whilst in good condition. :) Here is what it looks like with earrings all hanging:

Then I still have to organize this whole rack full of accessories. (From Macy's, Avon, local market, mall in short -- variety of sparkling accessories)!

I also bought a nice pair of silver dangling earrings from Mirror at Trinoma, the same mall where I bought my inexpensive earring rack! :) 

Isn't it a beauty? I'm an earring junkie as well as a lipstick junkie chums!

What does your earring storage looks like?
- Gift Princess


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