Contest Winnings: Harajuku Lovers Perfume Sample Set from House of Flair

Smell that? Its HARAJUKU!

House of Flair recently hosted an everyday giveaway in celebration for the success of her online shop! She was featured in several newspapers, interviews and such and she achieved so much for less than two years! Wow! 

She's one of my favorite online seller at multiply! In fact, I am patiently waiting for my parcel  of makeup I ordered from her!

Anywhoops, I woke up to a beautiful Monday morning to find out that I was the day#2 winner! Yay! That explosive feeling was very memorable because its my first time hehe :))

All I got to do to be entered is to share my darling makeup look that I desire. So, I immediately fished through Make Up For Ever's page for an expressive, techni-color smokey-eye look and I got this beautiful model possessing the exact appearance my heart craves for! 

All entries was brought to and I won! :)

And here are photos of the sample set from Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani!

Awwww... They're cute!

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- Gift Princess


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