G-lish Gelato Cheek Treat is cheek yummy! (^^,)

So I was wandering aimlessly around Trinoma when I saw this never-before-seen-pink-booth that instantly brighten up my makeup-curious instincts. :) I thought it was a fragrance booth so I slowly approached & mused around. So yeah, they're bunch of cute makeup must haves!

G-lish cosmetics carry a line of cute, catchy & wallet-friendly makeup products. I decided to buy only 1 piece to try and maybe come back again if I didn't forget. 

I opted to buy for a blush in somewhat orange-y peach so I snagged the Gelato Cheek Treat Colour Pot in #13 and I'm loving every bit of it!

Very bright right? :) I just swipe a little on my cheeks and cover it with some loose powder to tone down the very pigmented blush!

And the packaging & presentation is cute & very functional too!

Any g-lish products on your purse?
- Gift Princess


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