Foot treats galore - Foot Scrub & Heel Repair Creme (^^,)

Hello dumplings! Its been two days since my last post! Experienced just a bit of a personal problem-o but everything's uber FINE now. Don't you all worry! :D

So, here's a little post about my little foot treatment ritual every weekends and every night. Believe me, I can't hit the sack without doing this. That's me being OCD-ish. :)

Here's a helpful article in giving yourself a foot spa!

This is what I use every night. I slop a handful of it into my feet and massage it. After that, I wear cottony socks overnight for better absorption and moisturization of my thirsty feet. Yup! I read it all in a magazine!

What are your foot care rituals?
Thanks for reading
- Gift Princess


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