Bronzer/Blush: Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess & Lancome Shimmer Mocha Havana

I am not a big fan of bronzers for am already bronzed out (Morena for the win!), but I would like to share the swatch of this never before used pretty bronzer I found in my tiny makeup closet & a blush that could also be used as a bronzer. Again these are GWPs (Gifts with purchases) and though tiny, they will serve you happy for several months long without spending so much with the real product.

Soft Matte Bronzer - From the word itself -- matte. I had to pack it up a little bit for it to show on my brown skin but this will work well with fair skin for just one swipe. Use a bronzing brush and voila, "Summer purr-fecto"!

Warm sunkissed bronz-y pink - Shimmery and very pigmented. Whenever I wear this I look sun-tanned and super burnt (because I'm morena that's why hehe). So I just wore this during summery days where my cheeks gleam like gold while drinking in the sunshine! Summer purr-fecto!

How about you? What are your bronzers?
- Gift Princess


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