Wire Wrapped Rings by Gift Princess

A lot of people has been asking me how I make my rings or where did I study, etc. To be honest, I just watched some quick videos and having learned the techniques, I doodled on wires, did several trials, made countless errors to make it right and of course my family as judges, critics & financier (LOL). I don't want to spend money just to have training when I can buy books and videos. Or sprawl on my favorite bookstore and read them onsite.

If you really are interested in that particular thing, you can study it in your own, right? (me being naturally thrifty!)

Anyway, my dumplings, I started my interest in wire crafting sometime around August 2010 and from then on, I invented my own designs, freelanced some wire, add beads and voila! A ring is born! 

I posted all of them at my FACEBOOK. If you want you could add me there but also send me a private message that you read this blog of mine. :D

So I will only showcase here some of my first designs, and what is left in my jewelry box. (Some sold out already.)

Ready moi DUMPLINGS???? Scroll away! Oh by the way, I named them to make them more extra awesome! (^^,)

I will be talking about them in my future blogs. Gotta get busy! :D
Thanks for reading!
- Gift Princess


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