Vanilla & Co. Hair & Body Mist... Oh so vanilla!

Vintage-inspired :)

Hello dumplings!

If you are vegan, organic & loves eco-friendly products, then you must try this brand. I found their kiosk at Trinoma while waiting for my mom & sibs and was mesmerized by the packaging & design. You know me, I'm a self-proclaimed vintage lover! :)

So off I go out of curiosity and bought just 1 item to try and I absolutely love it. I chose Hair & Body Mist in Cream Vanilla. I love the smell! :) Definitely need it since my hair is long & I don't like it smelling of sweat all day long.

Will definitely buy again! Next time, I will try their scrub creams & such.

Check out their website: Vanilla & Co.

Scroll for photos (ignore the first 2... jk!)

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- Gift Princess


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