Travel Size Blush: Estee Lauder Blush All Day

I love anything in teeny size that is sure to fit in any kind of bag I have. I mostly use purses these days more than my biggie bags that are now filled with cobwebs inside the closet. I carry only about 3 items of makeup in my bag because I don't like retouching too much for the whole day. 

3 items: foundation, blush, lipstick (no retouching of eyeshadow & mascara). 

This blush is a little bit shimmery, mostly matte and very natural. Its shade is in rosemarble which is a dusty rouge kinda pink. Because I am not white skinned, I have to build up the color by applying them at the apple of my cheek at least twice so it will show perfectly. The brush included inside is very soft & tickly for me. I like it being natural so as not to make us girls very clowny. :D

What's your teeny tiny blush?
- Gift Princess


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