theBalm "Read My Lips" lipstick in Wanted (Strawberry Red)

Hello my dumplings! How in the world are you all? :) Been a long time since I posted (that is because I'm kinda a dummy with cyberspace thingies) and yet here I am again! 

Today, I'm gonna do a semi-review on one of my favorite cosmetic brand.... THE BALM! :D

Ever since I saw theBalm's website, I totally fell in love with the vintage-fabulosa packaging, witty labels, lively illustrations and organic-loving ingredients! So I spent my time reading all what is there to read and browse on their site & as a lover of RED, as usual, I always buy the reddest one available which is "Wanted".  In the description it said strawberry red so I didn't expect it to be really pigmented at all. Actually, even though its not as red as I want it to be, the color is just right to take away the paleness of my lips. Tee-hee.

   According to the witty site "Say bye bye to that bad lipstick taste and hello to these sheer, delicious, vanilla-mint tubes of heaven." Ehem. Indeed it was heaven, for I can smell vanilla which boost my psyche system. Plus I just love that ole peppermint like sensation it gives to my lips.

OVERALL: I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna see the photos and swatches? Scroll away! :D

 Outdoor with flash

 Indoor without flash

 Indoor without flash again

Thanks for reading and for stopping by my blog!
XOXO, God bless you
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