Skin care the Lancome way!

I have been using Lancome skin care products since college. I just excluded some other products exclusively for mid-30's to 40's to my mom and used some when I stepped into my early 20's. I also learnt in my Nursing school that skin as well as other body parts start to degenerate slowly, bit by bit after 25 years or late 20's. (That's why we have to enjoy makeup while we're young!) Well, sometimes I don't believe everything I learn in textbooks but just to be safer than sorry, I started to invest in skincare products & researching more about them. :D Every night I spend like around 15-30 minutes of night-time skin care.

Lancome Tonique Douceur Alcohol-Free Freshener

I use this for cleaning my face thoroughly every night. But there are a lot of times that I do forget, haha :D Anyway, it moisturizes & cleans your face without the harsh stinging of alcohol. Just pretend you are playing & gently swipe your wet cotton onto your face. Don't put too much pressure, just light strokes upward in harmonious motion. (Face lifting exercises - what I call it!). Then voila, when you look at your cotton thingy, you will see the dirts & oils successfully exterminated from your pores! (^^,)

Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital High Potency Daily Moisturizing Cream

Spread this cream in every area of your face everyday before going out into the sun. It has SPF 30 sunscreen. Wear this before applying any makeup & spread it evenly into the face like a foundation primer! It will not only defend you against the scorching hot sun but also moisturize your dry skin at the same time. Its very effective every time I use this because (I believe) I still maintain the healthy glow and not totally burnt face. :D 

Lancome Renergie Volumetric Lifting & Reshaping Cream

I use this cream every night and sometimes on a day out. Every night, I apply this around my eye, in tapping motion (I saw in youtube) like I do when I play piano. Gentle taps help make skin firm. Let your fingers travel to the cheekbones and everywhere! Use as many as you want and leave this overnight in the face. And when you wake up, your skin is feeling more smoother than ever. 

Lancome Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

According to my Mom & her beloved sister, this should be applied before the creams every night. Just spread it onto your face for full coverage and us as many as desired. It comes with a dropper, so cute! :D The following photos are sample sizes. 

My mom religiously use all of this (& lots of other Lancome products) & no one can ever guess her age! Haha :D
Thank you for the time spent in reading this!
- Gift Princess


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