Palladio Herbal Eyeshadow Primer

Hello again my dumplings! I was busy yesterday taking photo & swatches of every makeup there is in the jumbo package my Aunt sent us all the way from California. I'm gonna start off with this and everyday i'll be featuring the rest of them one by one including some FOTDs and EOTDs.

Eeeekkk... So excited! (I'm never this serious with blogging!) :D Read on dear dumpling!

So its my first time to use this primer. My wonderful makeup addict Aunt from California gave me this to try. I love anything organic so this beauty made a mark on my list. Primers help in eye shadow adherence. I love its texture on my eyelids! My sidekick (my Mom) loves it too!

You might want to try this baby because its very affordable too! It retails for only $8.00 each. And discounted at some shopping websites like HEEEEEEEEEREEEE!!!!!.

If you want to check out their site, click THIS.

See more photos!

What about you? Have you tried this? :D 
Thanks for stopping by!
- Gift Princess


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