Nude Shades: Lancome Mini Lipsticks

My co-makeup addict Aunt always sends me these fabulous sample or mini sizes of Lancome lipsticks which she receives in turn for her more than a hundred bucks of purchase. (Shopaholic much). Today, I'm gonna show you 3 shades first, then in the next another 3 and so on and so forth! :D That's the rule of this Lancome lippie series! Alright my dear dumplings, here we go!

LANCOME Color Design OH MY! (Shimmer peachy golden-beige)

OH MY! Shimmer is a glittery & sparkly light orange lipstick. (Its packed with gold glitters!) If you are a fan of coral, this shade is in! Though its a bit light, its that coral nude effect that will tone down the overall look but your lips will surely glisten every time you move your head around.

LANCOME Color Design Timeless (Cream medium caramel beige)

Timeless Cream is a creamy light brown shade. Perfect for everyday look esp. if you are in a hurry. If you don't want to draw attention but still want to look glamorous, buy a lippie in this shade in your favorite cosmetic store. 

LANCOME Le Rouge Absolu Coquette (Iced beige-y pink)

Coquette is a very light pink with few silver sparkles. Perfect for a night look or even a day look. This is also paired for smokey eye makeups.

Hope you learned something!
Ciao for now!
- Gift Princess


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