Lipstick: NARS Red Lizard

Hello again dudettes!

Today I'm gonna feature the very first "red" lippie my fiancee gave me the last time he was here in the Philippines. He promised to buy me a red one but when we couldn't find a MAC counter at Rustan's (which I had no idea of at that time), we just decided to buy at NARS. The guy there swatch every red lipstick he had & of course I gave the honor and authority to my boyfriend to choose it (he spoils me rotten... very rotten). 

Anyway,  it was pricey but he didn't complain because it was the kind of shade he wants to see me wear.

Here he is after the purchase. He's so happy isn't he? :D

NARS Red Lizard is a semi-matte lipstick. No glitters or shimmers and very pigmented. Even with light application it still is very pigmented. Go to NARS if you want long-lasting deep pigmented lipstick. The price is a drawback but the quality is great and its 100% worth the price! *wink*

See photos ahead!!!

My fave red lippie!
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- Gift Princess


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