Forever 21 Love & Beauty Cherry Red Lipstick & Cat Eye Felt Tip Pen :)

Cherry Red :D

Part II of my boyfriend's lovely gift for me! :) If you missed the first post, don't yah worry just click-a-doo HEEEEEEEEERRRRRRE!

This blog is picture heavy so prepare your pretty eyes ladies and gentlemen!

First off is Love & Beauty Cherry Red Lipstick. It is a creamy pinkish red lipstick that glides on easily upon application. Very affordable but I must warn you, it melts quite easily so be careful in handling. :) Also I used a lip brush to keep it from feathering out. The design is very kawaii too. I was fooled by the holder or the tail which looks like a lipstick. I thought I had to remove the entire covering but I soon discovered that it was the other way around. :D

I love it except for the melting & smudging part. :D And of course because my boyfriend picked it for me! Its the thought that counts right? :))

Don't be fooled by the tail... tee-hee

See? This is the right way to hold it hehe

Next, is the Love & Beauty Cat Eye Felt Tip Pen. It is in brown and just like a little pen, you just have to apply this on your lid near your lashes like you are drawing and making a border. Doing such will make eyes bigger, more emphasized & more alive! :D You ought to master steadying your hands & exercising your creativity! Btw, I learned some makeup skills via youtube, so if you have time just search there for gazillion of tutorials! :))

Isn't my boyfriend wonderful?
Yes, he is!
Lemme hear your thoughts
- Gift Princess


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