Forever 21 Love & Beauty Beautiful Brow Kit & Sweet Smile Cherry Lipgloss

Hello my dear dumplings and dudettes, its a beautiful, sun-kissed afternoon here in the Philippines! How about in your countries out there? :D I trust that you are all in good condition while reading my blog.

Alright, let's take a look at some of my Forever 21 makeup sponsored by my boyfriend! Thanks dear :*. He sent me these babies for my birthday. He's so sweet isn't he? :D Moving on...

Forever 21 is a girl's favorite brand. They have shoes, dresses, accessories, bags & of course MAKEUP. If there's anything I love more than dresses, it would be makeup. 

Take a look at their site and see complete listings of their cosmetic products and such: FOREVER 21

First off, is the Beautiful Brow Kit with light pink leopard print. So kawaii. Inside you will find three stencils for shaping brows, sponge tip applicator with brush on one end for smudging and applying, 3 toned powders, a slanted tweezer and a double sided eyeliner with brow brush end. It has hidden magnetic closure and a mirror which in my case broke due to packaging. :(

Overall, I like it and its perfect for traveling. Everything you need is inside, no hassle baby! :D

Next is the Sweet Smile Cherry Lipgloss.

"Get a polished pout in an instant with this fabulous lip gloss. Packaged in a cute tube with a floral pattern. " - Forever 21

This gloss is not so shimmery but just glossy enough to give your lips a mirrored finish. Not so sticky either and I assure you, your hair won't get stuck in your lips. Its not too pigmented just light pink. If you wear this alone without any lipstick, it will look natural & nude. :D

Forever 21 cosmetic products are affordable.
Beauty for less!
Happy weekend!
- Gift Princess


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