Current Daily Lotion as of July 2011 <",\\\\

Mango for me is the most yummiest of all fruits. Because of Philippines being mango-rich every summer, I wolf down at least 7 mangoes everyday. 

Trivia: my boyfriend loves mango too. When he visited Philippines this summer 2011, he devoured one kilogram everyday. He said he'll miss it when he gets back to States. So o-kay, I just sweetly smiled at him & laugh at his back. :D

Anyway, so that is the reason why I choose this lotion!!!!!!!!!! A little history huh. :D

It smells of mango once this beauty is spread onto the integumentary system, the skin. I've been a long-time fan of Victoria's secret perfume & lotions too as far as I can remember. Since Highschool I think.

Well, Victoria's secret is the little secret every girl has on their closet! 

Besides Victoria's Secret, my other lotion is Lancome which I'll be talking about soon!
How about yours?
- Gift Princess


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