Cream Eyeliner: L'oreal Paris H.I.P. Color Truth

Hello my dumplings, I am not a big fan of eyeliners in different colors. Just so you know hihihi....

Anyway, I want it simple. Just black. Jet black. Black widow spider. Blackberry. Black torch. Bluh bluh bluh.... So I made my point in a silly manner.

Sillying aside, I must say that its my first time to use a cream eyeliner. I just started interest in makeup you know. I love all of the components in this cream eyeliner, the wear-ability, easy application, time saving factors all adds up to an A- grade.

I had a hard time steadying my hand though. That's one skill I have to master. (^^,)

L'oreal has thousands of great products over the years so you might want to check it out too. The price is not questionable and the quality is very a-ok. Kapish!

SEE photos that lies ahead!

I'm no expert, just having fun! Yeah
Thanks for stopping by!
- Gift Princess


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