4U2 Cosmetics Make Believe Gift Set & Ipanema slippers

4U2 Make Believe Gift Set

This baby cost only 1 peso for every 800php purchase at any Watson's and SM department stores. In my case 700php purchase because they were on 10% sale! :D

The packaging is such an eye candy for me considering the fact that I am in love with paper dolls  scrapbooks, stickers and I have a huge stationery collection. How can I resist? Also, she looks vintage-y with her 1940's hair and would you look at those dresses! Yeah, it screams vintage. :P

So the carton houses the 4U2 Make Believe Liquid Foundation & the 4U2 Make Believe Loose  Powder in shade 02.

So that's how the front looks. :D

This is the pinkish back. :P

I wouldn't dare to cut these and play with it like I did several years ago as a child. Instead it will stand gracefully at my makeup table (or just lie there like a book hehe).

And speaking of gifts, my friend JV gave me a gift (redundant, I know, its also my name btw) from Ipanema. I am not a big fan of slippers, that's why I was so happy when I received this. I know, I'm that weird! :D

I just want to thank her again. If you are reading this ate JV, thank you once again!

My feet are in size 5. Very small! :)

Thank you for being sweet as to reading my blah, blah, blah blog!
- Gift Princess


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