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Hello dudes and dudettes! Its raining cats and dogs here at this time and earlier at 1:25 am, Philippines experienced a mild earthquake. I was watching NCIS Season 6 upstairs when I felt the swaying motion for at least like 10-15 seconds. Then I ran downstairs to check on my parents and was glad to see them all safe! :)

I trust that you are all safe too! :D

So today, I'm going to show you some 4U2 cosmetics that we see every time we pass by Watson's or any SM department stores! In my case, yes, because I always have an eye for makeup! :D

First off, THE LIPSTICK: 4U2 Lip Sync (Slim Sheer Color Harmony) #12 

I love that its coral in some way and shimmery to add depth to my lips. Plus, its affordable! :D

Next, THE BLUSH: 4U2 Glitz Shimmer Blush Pina Collada

Its the lightest one & it looks very natural on my cheeks. 

Lastly, THE POWDER: 4U2 Natural Look Satin Touch Powder 02

Its very natural looking & perfect for everyday look, day out & night out. Plus, it has SPF 25!

What 4U2 products do you have?
Thanks for reading!
- Gift Princess


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