Lipsticks: NYX Chaos & Haute Melon

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There are over 144 shades and I only chose 2 of the best (for me) shade I saw in other beauty bloggers' swatches (thanks to them). I wouldn't want to buy the entire collection and put a hole as big as Texas in my wallet even if they are affordable! :) Okay that's me joking.

Joking aside, I only chose 2 because I need one that would look great on a day out and a night out. So for a day out, its definitely light, timid and hushed color and for a night out? Yeah much darker, vivid & intense and of course RED!!!! Its not Gift's lipstick if its not red! :D 

The end tube show you the shade and they can be pulled off for emergency lipstick uses! Although I read in other reviews that they are just molten rubbers and risky to be applied to the lips.

L-R: NYX Chaos & NYX Haute Melon


Karla SugarChaos is a vibrant, electric, cool pinked red

Me: Vivid, striking, pink-bluish toned red

Me: Hushed, neutral-pinkish peach

All opinions are honest & described as it is. Others may have different views or I may be color-blind. But I am learning! :)

- Gift Princess

Skin care the Lancome way! Volume II

Emma Watson - Lancome's new face/model

Hello dumplings! Click to read volume I: Skin care the Lancome Way!


Cream-To-Oil Massage Cleanser All Skin Types

Discover the new sensory experience of cleansing.
Pure pampering pleasure.

This sophisticated cleanser with antioxidant White Lotus and soothing Rose de France transforms from a cream to an oil and instantly removes makeup. Immediately skin texture and tone are refined. Skin is velvety soft and smooth.

Massage onto dry skin. Emulsify by adding lukewarm water, then rinse thoroughly.

Benefits & Technology:
Protects against free radicals. Skin feels soothed|Hydrates skin for a soft feel. Increases cell renewal so skin looks radiant.

One of my favorite cleanser! Its cream-based and while massaging your face it turns into oil. Make sure your fingers are not dirty, ladies! Always massage your face muscles upward in a gentle motion.


Hydrating Gel Mask with Botanical Extract

If your skin looks dehydrated, this 5-minute moisture facial restores moisture balance.

Diminishes the appearance of dry lines.
Leaves skin looking smooth and perfectly hydrated.

Benefits & Technology:
Helps diminish the appearance of dry lines and dehydrated skin.

I use this every Friday or end of the week to help refresh my skin from a toxic week or whenever I feel my skin is drying. I love it because it leaves my skin super duper soft after removing it with a warm washcloth.


Superior Lifting Cream Repositioning • Firming • Anti-Wrinkle

Rénergie Microlift R.A.R.E.™ technology features a unique Oligopeptide shown to double the synthesis of protein links to re-bundle collagen*.

Facial contour appear lifted, revealing a naturally youthful look. After four weeks of use, see a significant reduction in wrinkles. Skin’s natural firmness and resilience return.

*In-vitro test

Available in SPF 15 Day Cream 1.7 oz, SPF 15 Day Cream 2.5 oz, and Non-SPF Day Cream 1.7 oz.

Benefits & Technology:

Lifting and Repositioning:
- Facial contours appear redefined due to the vertical lifting and repositioning effect
- Skin appears more lifted as firming is improved
- Wrinkles look less visible because of the lifting action
- Drooping brows lift, sagging cheeks firm, slackening jawline tightens

- Over 25,000* microlifts target each peak and valley on the skin's surface to immediately smooth wrinkles
- After 4 weeks, see a significant reduction in wrinkles
- Skin's natural resilience and firmness return

* On average, women ages 40-55 have over 25,000 micro points on their face. Rénergie Microlift R.A.R.E.™ targets these points to tighten, lift and firm skin.

My mom apply this every night and I must say she doesn't age even a bit! I might also use this when I turn 40 *wink*.

I will be blogging more soon! Wait for the next volume
Thanks for reading!
 - Gift Princess

MAC Wonder Woman Eyeshadow Quad: Valiant

MAC Wonder Woman Eyeshadow Quad: Valiant

Hello dudes & dudettes! :)) How in the world are all of you? I pray that you are all feeling mighty fine just like me! :) Its storming here in the Philippines but thank God we are all safe and warm & the internet connection is as fast as usual.

Today, its about the coveted MAC Wonder Woman Collection last January 2011. I remember around April (I am so late!) while I was in Mall of Asia, the MAC store sales guy there said they ran quickly out of stock & cannot order more from USA because they too had the same experience. I hope MAC will launch a vintage-y line again!

I will be copying and pasting every description from Temptalia 'cause she's far more descriptive & mac-obsessed than me! Every italicized word you will read here belongs to her & my font style will be in regular. Also, all photos are from me (my camera, my eyeshadow quad & my arm tee-hee) so this blog is very picture heavy. :)

Ready? Here we go! :)

I super love the packaging!

Cute makeup packaging is my weakness! LOL!

I super love the packaging!

You can buy MAC at Nordstrom

I super love the packaging!


The inside...

Vintage-y? :)

The shades

MAC VALIANT EYESHADOW QUAD ($40.00 for 0.20 oz.) includes four shades of eyeshadow: Manila Paper (pale frost white gold), Valiant (light lime with yellow pearl), Diana Undercover (dark forest green), and Spinning Transformation (deep olive bronze with yellow pearl).

L-R: Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover, Spinning Transformation

MAC Valiant Eyeshadow Quad: Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover, Spinning Transformation

Manila Paper is a warm, white gold with excellent color payoff. This is a veluxe pearl finish. It is a repromote from Spring Colour Forecast. It is similar to Nylon but warmer.

Manila Paper (Wet)
Manila Paper (Dry)
Valiant is a yellowed, pale chartreuse green–extremely yellowed. It has so-so color pay off; it is a little sheer. This is a frost finish. It’s a yellower version of Juxt.

Valiant (Wet)
Valiant (Dry)
Diana Undercover is a darkened green with a brownish base. This is a satin finish. It had decent pigmentation but took a layer or two for it to show. It did work better in a look than swatched on the skin. The green is similar to the base color of NARS Blade Runner (but lacks the shimmer).

Diana Undercover (Wet)

Diana Undercover (Dry)
Spinning Transformation is an olive-tinged khaki brown with a soft bronze sheen. This is a frost finish. Pigmentation was decent but the texture was so thin–just not soft or silky smooth at all. It’s a less pigmented, less gold-shimmered NARS Star Sailor. It is a browner, less green-tinged Sumptuous Olive.

Spinning Transformation (Wet)

Spinning Transformation (Dry)
MAC Valiant Eyeshadow Quad: Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover, Spinning Transformation (DRY)
MAC Valiant Eyeshadow Quad: Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover, Spinning Transformation (WET)

This quad makes me feel like Wonder Woman indeed haha!
Sweet of you to read this!
- Gift Princess

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