RED dresses I love through the years!

RED, RED, RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever since I became fashion conscious, I instantly liked anything red. Mainly because they're like eye candies and it can instantly warn a car if ever a woman in red cross the road or simply because wearing red signifies a festive season. Each of us have different perspective about the color red and sometimes we feel that its very vocal whenever one is wearing it. If you ask me, I feel very comfortable because its my favorite!

Here are some evidences:

Mad hatter girls photoshoot (dress from Papaya)

Birthday 6/12/2010 (Dress I bought from Landmark)

Black and red and white (dress from XOXO)

Camp Highlands photo craze 2010

 Camp Highlands photo craze 2009 (Tunnel, fields, hehehe) Dress from Papaya

Summer red with a reddish white hat (dress bought from Landmark)

 Vintage dress made by my Lola (Grandmother). She is now in heaven, God bless her soul.

Birthday 6/12/2011 (trumpet sound) (^^,) Dress from Paperdolls

 Glad's birthday 1/17/10 (dress Glad bought from a bargain market)

Engagement proposal dress! The time my boyfriend proposed to me (April 19, 2011) at Highlands Camp.

For the engagement videos, watch these!!!!!!


- Goden, Gift Princess, RN


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